Stewed Saltfish

cool runnings

 Servings: servings | Prep time: 10 minutesCooking time: 25 minutes


        1. Wash and oil salt fish for 10 minutes to remove the excess salt. Drain the water and repeat this process twice or until the salt fish is no longer as salty. Shred into smaller pieces using your hands or a fork and set aside.

        2. In a separate frying pan, heat up the coconut oil and add in the chopped onions. Fry on medium heat until translucent and add in the bell peppers, thyme, spring onions, black pepper and all purpose seasoning. Sauté for 3 minutes.

        3. Add the salt fish to the frying pan and combine well. Add in the ketchup and fry for a further 1-minute. Taste for salt and adjust to preference. Turn off the pot and serve whilst hot with fry bakes or homemade bread.

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